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Would you like to increase the traffic of your blog or to gain popularity as a content writer? If yes, then you are at the right place! is a blog that is read by thousands of unique developers and programming enthusiasts every month. Our fast growth is based on quality content and blog posts that are designed to help people in daily programming tasks. We aim to increase the amount of posts and the traffic on our website, so as of March 30th, 2018 we have decided to accept guest blog posts/authors.

Note that our process of accepting a blog post comes with a few requirements. Please review these three requirements and send us your contact and increase your traffic and contribute to our community. As long as your post is relevant to our content and interesting enough for our readers, it will be accepted. 

If you are already an author on Codemio, please click here to view the Author Guide.

Writing for the audience of is a great way to :

1. Receive some good exposure/traffic for your own blog/website.

2. Get backlinks from a rapidly developing blog.

3. Communicate with the solid community that follows this blog daily as an author.

If you have decided to be our author, please bear in mind of these simple requirements:

1. You can have at most 3 outbound links that point back to your website/blog in your guest post.

2. Your post must be relevant to our community (programming/software development) and your guest post should fill a gap in our content, or present a unique angle on an already covered topic. Please use the search box on the blog to make sure we haven't covered your topic already.

3. Your post should not already be published in any other blog/website except your own blog/website.

4. There isn't a monthly post requirement for our guest authors.

If you think that you can do that, please do, by any means. We’d love to see you on Codemio!

To initiate the process, send us a message through the contact form below and we will contact you in order to grant your access to the moderator panel with specific instructions.

We appreciate your interest!

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Please contact us through this form only regarding to Guest Blogging. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that, irrelevant inquiries will be disregarded. We appreciate your understanding.