Has Digitalization Made Travelling Cheaper?

Digitalization has not left any industry untouched, not even the travel industry. The travel industry is one of those industries that evolve extensively with time. They are ready to accept new technologies, new techniques, new strategies etc. Therefore, the travel industry has wholeheartedly accepted digitalization as well. As, at the end of the day, the travel industry has always aimed to make the process of travelling, which includes booking transportation to accommodation easier? That’s not it, there are a host of other things that fall under the category of digitalization of the travel industry as well.

The impact of the digitalization of the travel industry

Digitalization of the travel industry has actually impacted the industry in more ways than one. The whole purpose of digitalization is to make it possible for the users to perform activities online in order to save time. Also, it reduces the time which is spent on certain activities. For example, now, booking a flight ticket online is a piece of cake. There is tons of website or portals that offer the option to book flight tickets. All you have to do is, go to the best portal or website, find your flight ticket, complete the booking process, pay for the ticket, and that’s it! This is happening because of digitalization, earlier, you would have to go to the airports or the agents to book flight tickets, and the process was very time consuming and a bit expensive as well. Digitalization of the travel industry has definitely made the industry more convenient and quick but has it also influenced the costs? Yes, it has!

Is the digitalization of the travel industry making travelling cheaper for us?

To an extent yes! Digitalization is known to make the processes quicker and more convenient. But, when it comes to the travel industry, digitalization of the travel industry has also helped to lower down the prices. Here’s how:

Increasing competition

Online travel industry is massive and it is growing at a great pace. Thus, the competition in the travel world is rising like anything. Thus, automatically, more competition generally leads to the reduction of the costs. In the travel industry, as there are way too many travel booking portals, hotel booking portals, etc. the customers are left with so many choices. Thus, they have the option to go to any portal or website that offers them the best possible price.

Increasing discounts and offers

The soaring level of competition has given rise to a lot of discounts and offers. As, every travel company wants to do more and more business, and in order to stay on the top, they offer discounts to the travelers. The travelers are left with more options to choose, and, they also get the opportunity to book their tickets or hotels at the best possible prices. This is because of the rising offers and discounts.

Digitalization of the travel industry has impacted the pricing as well, but it has led to the increase in the overall business of the travel industry. Thus, the revenue generation is mostly on the positive side.

Ethan Millar is a Technical Writer at Aegis Softtech

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