Java Programming - FAQs before Choosing it as a Career

Java Programming is currently considered an excellent career option for the technologically-advanced generation. Being voted the most versatile programming language, it is used by IT industries and enterprises to develop web-based and server-based online applications, firm applications and software.

Java Programming comes with reliable security features, development equipment, IDEs and libraries. To build a career in Java openings Rajkot, it is important to know the educational and experience requirements, training requirements, job outlook and salary to determine if it's the chosen job for you. If you meet these requirements and have an aptitude for the same, you must read the following.

  1. What does a Java Developer do?

The job of a Java Developer is to develop web applications using the coding language. They use Java as a financing coding language for data collection, and even have the calibre to mentor and train IT professionals to give instructions or pursue research. Otherwise, you can work with IT companies as software developer, web developer, application developer, web programmer and EJB programmer.

  2. What should be your educational and experience requirements?

Ideally, the candidate should hold a Bachelor's/Master's degree in any of the following subjects -
  1. Computer Programming
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering Technology
  4. Computer Science
The candidate will be expected to work with code algorithms, write website applications using Java, update and revise applications and validate user information.

Candidates with voluntary certificates would be preferred. Some of the preferred certificate courses are:
  1. Operating Systems
  2. Internet Programming
  3. Data structures and algorithms
  4. Database management
  5. Scripting languages
  3. What should be your career outlook? 

Employment opportunities are bright for computer software developers (system software), especially in the 2014-2024 decade, the rate of which was expected to increase by 17 per cent. However, computer software developers who work in application software have a greater advantage over the former as the rate was expected to increase by 19 per cent (Source: US Bureau of Labour Statistics).

  4. How do you strive for a better career?

Opportunities for career advancement can be pursued by registering yourself for various training courses which are offered on various subjects. These subjects include Application Development and Programming Fundamental for which you can enrol for associate, professional and masters' certificate levels.

You could also take various professional courses through Oracle, which is the corporate organisation for Java as a brand. Some of the courses include -
  • Oracle Certificate Associate, Java SE5/SE 6 - This course can be pursued by a student or a beginner-level developer. Candidates are required to pass in 115-minute examination which tests one's abilities on algorithm design and implementation, Java platforms, object-oriented concepts, client and server technologies, Java development fundamental and integration technologies.
  • Oracle Certified Professional - This course can be pursued by an intermediate-level programmer where the candidate needs to sit for a 180-minute test. The examination will include questions on initialisation and coping, flow control, concurrency, declarations, collections and generics, API contents, OO concepts and fundamentals.
  • Oracle Certified Master - This course can be pursued by a former Oracle Certificate Professional holder, who will be required to sit for an essay-based examination and work on a programming project. The project has to be completed within the course of a year, where you are required to write the code for a small business system that focuses on technical details as given in your assignment.
  5. What are some alternative career options in your field?
A bachelor's degree and a course in Java Programming can give you some great alternative career options such as -
  • Information security analyst - They plan and work with security protocols for a company for both individual computers and network systems.
  • Computer network architect - They work with communication networks either concentrated only to local areas or to wide areas for business purposes.
These are some of the FAQs which will help you make a better decision regarding Java Programming as a career. It is important to give importance to your aptitude, and pursue Java Programming only from a premier institute so that adds due value to your resume.

Ethan Millar is a Technical Writer at Aegis Softtech

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