Why Cloud Now? To Maintain Profits in The Industry

The use of the Internet in all its forms continues to grow, allowing the technology industry to continue to generate huge profits.

Let us not be blinded by the mirage of massive campaigns dismissal and firms in difficulty, and there have always been! Or investors and shareholders dissatisfied with their profits, become a recurring pattern of pressure on listed companies.

The technology sector has since its inception been also technological waves, which for some of them resulted in new directions and new revenue. So that even pointed to by the markets, these companies continue to increase their profits. Or, if they are on a slippery slope, they redeem and become a link in a larger and more profitable business.

The turn of the cloud

This cloud that now is the engine that feeds a billion revenues for technology companies. The 90s saw an explosion in sales of PCs and dot.com (web companies) following the deployment of the Internet. This role is now up to the cloud, which takes advantage of the explosion of mobile technologies.

Whatever speech giants of IT, the results are there, and they number in the billions. Who Amazon or Microsoft will be the first to surpass the $ 10 billion in an annual business cloud? Perhaps it will be Oracle with its forced march to the cloud via external growth!

The figures are there: in their last fiscal quarter, cloud reported $ 3 billion to 2.2 billion Amazon and Google. Microsoft expects 20 billion annual cloud revenue dollars by 2018. As for Facebook, advertising revenues are projected to reach $ 23 billion this year, 84% from mobile for the last quarter!

Who are the losers?

In this game, there are also losers. But sometimes you have to understand where the retreat or defeat. Officially, Intel suffered declines in sales of processors for PCs, resulting in a 51% decline in earnings. In reality, this reduction comes from the cost of restructuring the group for cloud technology, which goes by against translate into tens of thousands of job cuts and the tenderizing group of R & D in US. All that to maintain the profitability of the group.

All this has a price, employees of Intel will confirm. But there is another high price it will also pay: security. It is a sword of Damocles remains hanging over the head of all customers of the cloud. To the point that worries weigh on migration, and slow down to 67% of projects. And more than one organization in two (55%) expected to suffer a data breach or other security problem in the cloud.

In the end, they are human and corporate clients who will pay the heaviest price for the benefit of the profits of the cloud industry ...

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