How To Pursue The Right EMR Development Company For Your Practice

What is EMR? 

There is a great quote on EMR by a famous author, Paul C. He said the following lines:

"Choosing an EMR is like getting married; unless you have made a lousy choice, you will be happier than before. It can take as long to find an EMR as we take for finding a spouse. And, it is a huge ordeal to divorce your EMR and wed another one. I am still waiting to see if I have a mid-life crisis with my EMR"

This quote above more or less underscores the importance of EMR or Electronic Medical Record. More so if you are a practicing doctor. 


How To Choose The Right EMR Development Company

In this paragraph we will get to know how to choose an EMR.  A lot of material will be available on how to choose a spouse. However, very few articles are dedicated to choosing the right EMR. The simplest path to choose the right EMR is planning, vendor selection, request for proposal, support, client server or web based EMR and Final considerations.

Planning needs a quick thinking on the reason why you would like to switch to EMR. You need to single out the main reason for doing this. You need to work out the EMR cost benefit analysis or find out the ROI of switching to EMR. Since, the ROI is a better metric of assessing whether to switch to EMR, it is better if you work out the ROI.

EMR vendor selection is a very important step in pursuing the right EMR development company because the technical proficiency of the vendor or the company introducing the EMR system will have to be analyzed. Also important is the nature of the system that is being introduced. The physician will need to train and acquaint his patients with the new EMR system.

A suitable request for proposal needs to be floated to the shortlisted vendors or development companies and the costs of the same need to be allocated over the heads like cost of the EMR system, installation of the system, training on the new application and travel expenses of the company staff in training patients.

A common proverb in the software industry goes like this: "Clients buy on features and leave because of the lack of support". When judging the support feature, you will need to analyze factors like technical support; maximum hold time; online issue tracking feature; terms of resolving issues reported, etc. All these factors are equally important and need to be assessed when choosing an EMR development company.

Choosing whether you want a web based or a client server based EMR model is an important phase in the EMR development company selection process. A web based model will be a more generic model which cannot be customized to your individual requirements. On the other hand, a client-server based model can be customized. The former is cheaper than the latter. Depending on the scale of your practice, you need to take a decision on choosing an appropriate model.

Final considerations include small things like comfort level of your staff in working with the EMR system, comfort level of your patients in migrating to the new system. These also need to be looked at when choosing the right EMR development company.


Thus, we have now come to know the process of choosing the right EMR development company.

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