Four US Companies Base Their Domination on the Global Cloud Market

Cloud Computing has become a very popular with service companies, because of its advantages, namely discount, increased performance, accessibility and above all flexibility. Moving to the cloud is an important change in computer systems paradigm. The spread of broadband networks, cheap computers and virtualization are among other factors that favored the emergence of this booming market. 

Synergy Research Group is a US company that conducts market studies appreciated by financial circles, OEMs and major government institutions. She conducted a study that shows that some cloud players experiencing remarkable growth. Despite the presence of many sellers, the global cloud market is still dominated by the usual four industry leaders; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google alone control more than half of the overall cloud infrastructure market.
The study shows that the four major cloud experiencing average growth faster than other competitors less size important. During the second quarter of 2016, revenues of the four major cloud providers have increased by 68%, while the competition among the 20 following operators grew 41%. Of these companies, we find: Alibaba, AT & T, BT, CenturyLink, Fujitsu, Joyent, HPE, NTT, Oracle, Orange, Rackspace, Salesforce ... Finally, the income of small suppliers increased by 27%. Overall, sales in the cloud sector (public, private and hybrid) increased 51%. If US companies are accustomed to dominate the technology sector, their grip on the cloud market is more striking.
Growth of the main operators of the cloud during the second quarter 2016

In the ranking of sellers, Amazon is still the undisputed leader in cloud operators, with 31% market share, three times from Microsoft by busy market that is second.IBM and Google complete the podium with 8% and 5% respectively. Amazon still has some advantage over its competitors in all regions and market segments.Nevertheless, its protagonists, including Google and Microsoft continue to show significantly faster growth rates. As for IBM, it dominates the segment of private cloud hosting.

"Amazon and the three other major players have distanced themselves from the competition in this market and continue to expand the gap," said John Dinsdale, Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research group. "What distinguishes them is their global presence, their marketing strength and ability to finance investments in hyper-scale data centers. In most cases they have the determination to succeed in the market. The ranking of the 20 operators of the most important next cloud brings some interesting companies like Alibaba and Oracle that develop quickly, but they get away and are still behind Google, which itself is growing at a rate above 100% per annum but only one sixth the size of Amazon. "

Synergy believes that cloud revenue for the last quarter were the key figure of $ 8 billion, largely thanks to the four leading players. The global cloud market was estimated at $ 28 billion. North America represents nearly half of the global market, far ahead of other regions, but the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a faster pace of development. The cloud market is experiencing strong growth in US, favored by the digital transformation and business innovation.
Source: Synergy Research Group

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