How to Buy the Perfect Wireless Router for Your Home?

Are you looking for the perfect wireless router for your home? Read our guide and find the best modem for you!

The internet has been a boon to the society. It connects one and all. It increases accessibility, improves the standard of living and makes life easier. At home and offices, we access the internet mostly through a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi routers have gained tremendous popularity. It is because of their basic purpose i.e. making the internet accessible. Wi-Fi routers can successfully convert any place into a Wi-Fi zone. It also simplifies sharing of files and other media amongst devices. It removes the burden of having to connect all the devices via LAN or a modem.

Wi-Fi routers are used in many places. They are used in hostel rooms, hotels, academic institutions, households, schools, offices, etc. This machine is a little complicated, though. So here are some tips to help you buy a perfect wireless router for your home:

1. Speed

When you buy any internet related device, the first thing you are most concerned about is speed. The amount of speed you get with the Wi-Fi router depends upon its standards. Wi-Fi routers come in various standards like 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. These numbers, which might look random, are indicators of the speed you should expect.

802.11ac is the highest standard of router available right now. It is highly recommendable if you plan to share the Wi-Fi with many devices. It is also best for users who go for heavy gaming and other high-definition tasks. It comes in a variety which means it is backward compatible with older versions of devices as well. Keep in mind that the 802.11 standard gives high speed on devices which are compatible with this standard. If your devices aren’t compatible with this standard, they will get a slower speed. So you can save on money if your devices do not support this version.

You should also never take the Wi-Fi speed mentioned on the box of the router as proper. That speed is probably the maximum you can ever think of getting out of the router. This is because an actual Wi-Fi zone has a lot of barriers like wall, doors, etc. This is where the high speed of the latest version of the router also becomes important.

2. Safety

This is the second priority when buying a router. Wi-Fi connection, if unsecured can be hacked into very easily. This can lead to the stealth of data from any of the device connected to the network, transmission of the virus and obviously usage of the internet. Your internet connection can be used by someone else to carry illegal operations as well. The best protection comes with WPA2 (the second implementation of the Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol). To make use of this protection, all your devices must also be WPA2 enabled. The security strength of your connection depends on the weakest device connected. WPA is also acceptable, but it is best to not rely on WEP.

So with these two very important factors in mind, you can exploit the various offers by online shopping available for Wi-Fi routers & make your decision wisely. Also, feel free to check this extensive review that compares a few routers so that you can pick the right one for you.  

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