CodeQuiz Online Quiz Application - JSP, Java Servlets, CSS3, MySQL, JDBC, Apache Tomcat

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In this project I have created an online quiz web application system called CodeQuiz that allows programmers to register, login, and solve various programming quizzes to test their knowledge. The system is mainly based on JSPs and Java Servlets. The following image shows the home page after logging into the system;

CodeQuiz Online Quiz Application - JSP, Java Servlets, CSS3, MySQL, JDBC, Apache Tomcat

JSP, Java Servlets, CSS3, MySQL, JDBC, Apache Tomcat
The Front End of the project has been designed by using HTML, JSPs, CSS and Adobe Photoshop. The Back End of the project has been designed by using Java Servlets, JDBC, MySQL.

The user data of the application is stored in a database. The database and its table is automatically created when the first user registers to the system. The user data consists of the username, password, email and the test results for each user. The password field is encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption and encoded with Base64 encoding so even the database administrator cannot access these information and this protects the privacy of the users. 

Encrypted Password Field
After creating and setting up the database, it is important to establish the connection between the IDE and the database system (MySQL). For this purpose, I have used MySQLconnector library that can be easily found from the web depending on the version of your Java.

Used Technologies / Languages
After setting up the database connection, now we can focus on the project characteristics. Essentially the aim of the project was to create an online quiz application that allows programmers to test their abilities on different programming languages ( Java, JavaScript, Python, C, PHP and more). The system runs on the Apache Tomcat Server. In order to realize this system, I have used the MVC (Model-View-Controller) approach. The view part is comprised of JSPs, and the Model - Control part consists of Java Servlets. In order to improve the user experience I have modified the plain looking interface by using the Vendor-prefixed CSS Properties (WebKit).

The quiz files can be downloaded from here and are downloaded and displayed automatically to the web application on user's request. need to be added manually to the application before running it since the server I download the quizzes is no longer working. Each quiz contains 10 questions and the passing grade is 5 out of 10. The user can save his result at all times during the test or he can cancel the test and return to the home page.

Before Quiz Starts

Quiz Screen

User Statistics

The following video demonstrates the features of the CodeQuiz Application,

The project is accessible on Github. Please feel free to view and/or contribute. 

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Also please leave a comment if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. 

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