Snake 2015 - Java Game & 3D Animation Project using 3Ds Max

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In this post, I am sharing one of my projects during my master's for a computer animation course that I have taken. The project consists of two parts; the game part and the animation part. The game part was written by using Java and the animation part was created by using 3Ds Max software.
Game Contents
  • Snake eating apples and bananas while trying to avoid bombs, 
  • Controlled by the user, 
  • The score and the number of lives remaining are visible, 
  • Highscore list is available so that a user can know when he/she scores higher than a previous play, 
  • Screen size is 1024 pixels x 640 pixels, 
  • Backgrounds and animated images were designed in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Only the source code is uploaded, test files are not shared.

 Snake 2015 - Java Game & 3D Animation Project using 3Ds Max

Animation Contents

Spring magic script was used to enable the bone structure to act like snake movements during the animation.

Download SpringMagic

A screenshot of the snake in the animation from the front.

Snake 3D Animation Project using 3Ds Max

Download the Source Code and the Animation Video:

Click to Download


  • A snake game was created by using Java Programming Language,
  • An animation was designed for this game by using 3D animation techniques,
  •  Integrated the created animation with a Java Frame and let the user control it.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or comments. Thank you !

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