The Most Popular Programming Languages Since 2008 According to GITHUB

With 10 million users from across the world, Github has become the number one website in the field of open source codes. 

Recently, a chart showing the popularity of common programming languages since 2008, the foundation of Github, has been released. According to this chart the most preferred 10 programming languages are listed as follows:

1 - JavaScript
2 - Java
3 - Ruby
4 - PHP
5 - Python
6 - CSS
7 - C++
8 - C#
9 - C
10 - HTML

The rate of change in the popularity of the programming languages is shown in the graph below. According to the graph, Java has increased the most in terms of popularity in the past 7 years, overtaking Ruby, PHP, Python, and CSS. Obviously, this increase is related to the fact that Google uses Java as a primary programming language to develop Android applications.

In the following years Java most likely will be the leading programming language due to its ease of use and compatibility.
However, the programming language of Apple, Swift, could not make the top 10 list. Swift is listed as the 18th :).

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