Hello everyone, in this project I am going to give you some basic concepts of Wireless Sensor Networks and give you the source codes and schematics of an application with Arduino + XBee Modules.
Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN) consist of small devices with sensing, data processing and wireless communication capabilities. These small devices are called sensor nodes. Wireless sensor networks are basically composed of a large number of sensor nodes; communicate with each other through wireless channels. 

Wireless Sensor Networks can be distinguished from the other wireless networks by some important features. The first one is the combination of sensing, processing and wireless communication and the second one is the low power requirements...

Remote Node:
XBee Series 1 modules
TMP36 temperature sensors
misc resistors, caps, etc

XBee Series 1 module
XBee USB adapter

PC Software:
Custom processing application
Data Logging

 Schematics of the Project

DOWNLOAD PROJECT FILES (Report+Codes+Presentation)

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