RGB Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform in MATLAB ( Code is included** )

Hello everyone, 

In this project an Image Compression technique was implemented. This technique is a very popular one, Discrete Cosine Transform. When you search on google for DCT Image Compression you can easily find a source code for Grayscale images to implement DCT in Matlab, however it is  hard to find RGB Image Compression using DCT on the internet.

Therefore I wrote the code and am presenting it here for you:

In order to test the software I used a scenery photo with a file size of 4MB. Let's see what happens if we compress it by using %20 quality. This means the ratio is 5:1.

Original Image 4MB

After compression the file size is only 963 KB and image quality is nearly the same ! 

 Compressed Image 963 KB

Source Code:

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