Programmable Logic Controllers : Ladder Logic - Automatic Door Project ( Project Report )

Hello everyone, in this post I will give you some information about a topic that I've learnt during my summer practice. This topic is Ladder Programming.

Figure 1– Automatic Door Project Scheme

PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) is a microcontroller based device that processes the information which is taken from the inputs, and sends this processed information to its components for further operations. PLCs are widely used in automation systems because of its inexpensiveness, production speed and lots of different reasons. These devices prevent the human based errors in an electronic system. Technological improvements made PLCs very popular and effective in lots of applications. Here I mentioned some reasons why PLCs are preferred;

Physical Size: PLCs are relatively small devices compared to their facilities.

Price: They are really cheap devices.

Process Speed:
They are considerably fast compared to other devices.

Flexible : They can be applied to control other systems quickly and easily...

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