Automatic Moisture Sensing and Irrigation System (Schematics)

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In this project I am going to give details about an automatic irrigation system.The project is designed to develop an automatic irrigation system which switches the pump motor ON/OFF on sensing the moisture content of the soil. In the field of agriculture, use of proper method of irrigation is important. The advantage of using this method is to reduce human intervention and still ensure proper irrigation on plants..

The project uses an 8051 series microcontroller which is programmed to receive the input signal of varying moisture condition of the soil through the sensing arrangement. This is achieved by using an op-amp as comparator which acts as interface between the sensing arrangement and the microcontroller. Once the controller receives this signal, it generates an output that drives a relay for operating the water pump. An LCD display is also interfaced to the microcontroller to display status of the soil and water pump. The sensing arrangement is made by using two stiff metallic rods inserted into the field at a distance. Connections from the metallic rods are interfaced to the control unit.

Fig1. Project Overview

Fig2. Project Overview from another angle

This project can be also implemented by using PIC16F series microcontrollers. All you have to is adjusting the voltages for your microcontroller's and hydro pump's needs and driving a relay according to the sensor readings and notifying the user by the LCD by using the microcontroller. If you like you can simply use a LED instead of an LCD.

This project is designed to operate a pump for automatic irrigation. It comprises of moisture sensing arrangement interfaced to an op-amp configured as a comparator. So whenever moisture in the soil reduces, it turns the water pump ON.

The source code of the project is not available but the schematic of the project is given below:

Fig3. Project Schematics

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