This project introduces a security system based on the Ultra Low Power Microprocessor CC430 of Texas Instruments. The security system consists of a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) Detector, LCD, 2 x CC430F6147 development kits.

The main process is to detect the movements in a specific indoor environment. Detected information will be transmitted through an indoor channel to the central unit. According to the information sent to the central unit, the user is notified by a LCD and a buzzer.


The objectives of this project are:
  • Building an alarm system to prevent burglary.
  • To understand the working principle of PIR Detectors.
  • To provide hands on skills in hardware and software designing.
  • Constructing an ARM program to establish communication.
  • Using an LCD with TI Development Kits.


The scope of work for this project will cover the development of a home alarm system. This project will be focused on motion detection systems. The motion detection system uses the motion detector sensor (PIR).Then the signal will send information to the main unit, where buzzer will take out sound and internal timer will set time for stopping the sound. The wireless system will alert during alarm status is ‘ACTIVE’ and motion is detected.

Block Diagram of the Project


RF Communication Algorithm

Project Overview

Download Project DOCUMENTS

Advisor : Assist. Prof. Dr. Canan AYDO─×DU


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